Our Baili Your Bali

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Our Bali Your Bali - the cookbook - is a stunning tribute to the whole Bali community. This 400-page hardcover, coffee table book is filled with recipes from the basics to some of Dean's most sophisticated recipes he serves in his restaurants.

Learn how to make your own bumbu (the base of many Indonesian recipes), a variety of sambals (side dishes), your own dumpling wrappers with beautiful fillings and traditional satays. If you've ever visited Ginger Moon or Jackson Lily's, you'll be excited to discover some of the secret recipes of signature dishes. You will love the stories, the photos and the recipes. 


The charities that will benefit from the proceeds of this campaign are the backbone of Balinese society - they support the poor and vulnerable at the best of times. Now with this pandemic, many more families have joined the ranks of the needy, while the charities have found themselves unable to raise even their normal funds.  Cashflows are at critical levels and these charities need financial aid to continue, let alone expand their support for the growing numbers needing food, clothing, education and environmental needs.

The numbers of COVID infections continue to rise unabated throughout Bali and everyone now knows someone who has contracted this deadly virus. For Bali right now there is no immediate hope, only fear of the unknown and of what is still to come.

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